Our Subscription Sale – Your Gift for Expecting Moms

You are probably starting to gear up for your Christmas shopping. From Black Friday through Cyber Monday we are offering discounts on our 3-month subscription and our 6-month subscription for our curated boxes, the perfect gift for expecting moms.

Subscription Sale for Mama Bird Box

We know that it’s hard to think of a Christmas gift for expecting moms, and it’s sometimes hard for expecting moms to even think of gifts they want themselves. There is a temptation to buy your pregnant daughter or pregnant daughter-in-law, expecting sister or friend gifts for their awaited baby, but our encouragement is to wait until the baby is here to make those kinds of gifts a part of your holiday tradition. We at Mama Bird Box work hard to make our boxes about presents for the expecting mom. Some practical, some fun but all of these gifts for pregnant women are for her and cater to what she is experiencing.

We’d love to be a part of making her feel special this holiday season, so use these codes for a gift that keeps on giving for 3 months or 6. Happy Holidays from us to you as we enter into this beautiful time of the year!

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