Milestone Blankets to Swoon Over

Instagram has given me a place to see all of the cute, new baby things and I wish I were having another baby all over again. (PS. Only in fleeting, dream-like thoughts, not in reality.) One trend I love is milestone blankets. Capturing this monthly photo takes very little effort to set up.

Step 1: Lay out the milestone blanket. Step 2: Place baby on top of the milestone blanket. Step 3: Indicate what month your baby is in with some kind of hoop or arrow. Unless this is not your first child, in which you would then use the tools on your phone to circle said month at a later time because you either can’t remember or older children have turned the hoop into a toy. Your baby can be 6ish months, too. No one’s grading you on precision.

Even if your baby is halfway on, halfway off their milestone blanket because they’ve learned how to crawl, you get a wonderful reminder of how much they grow in that first year.

Etsy is the best one-stop-shop for more unique purchases, so we’ve rounded up our favorite milestone blankets exclusively from shops on Etsy. There is one out there for every aesthetic. Have fun choosing!

Best Modern

Best Floral

Best Nature

Best Minimalist

Best Twins

September Box: Focus on Multi-Use Products

Our September Box is all about the multi-use. Each of these products has more than one purpose and can be used in ways that are not always obvious. Each box contains an insert card with descriptions of the products and how they can be used. Read more to learn about each product.

“Pat on the Back” by Megan Baxter

Austin-based author, Megan Baxter, created the book we all need and will actually read. “Pat on the Back” is an affirmation book for parents. It is written as a book you read to your child, but affirms you in your roll as a mom. It’s impossible not to doubt if you are doing a good job being a parent. This book reminds you that even the simple things of being present and reading a book to your baby matter.

Wood River Naturals Mom and Baby Salve

What’s good for baby is usually good for the mom. Mom can use this salve for cracked nipples, knuckles, and lips so it is a life saver for the fall and winter. It works great for baby’s dry lips, cradle cap, or irritated bum. One of the best tips I received in pregnancy was to use nipple cream a month before having a baby. Maybe that did the trick, maybe it was luck, but I never suffer from bleeding nipples while nursing.

DIA Naturals Healing Face and Body Mud Masque

Obviously this mud masque can be and should be used for the face. It reduces redness and irritation, clears acne, and pours minerals back into your skin. The main ingredient in this masque is Indian Fuller’s Earth, which facilitates blood circulation. In India it is common for pregnant women to use Fuller’s Earth on their knees, legs, ankles, and face to reduce inflammation.

Coconut Essentials Coconut Baby

Coconut oil is one of the most useful products nature has given us. First it can prevent stretch marks by keeping your skin moisturized and elastic. Use it to relieve eczema, diaper rash, or put it on a sunburn for soothing relief. Coconut Essentials has perfectly blended coconut oil, sunflower oil, and vitamin E to give you a perfect moisturizer.





August Box Featured Products

August brings the heat but these featured products bring relief. Mama Bird focuses on safe-for-you products and products that bring pampering and encouragement.

Phillip Adam Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Conditioner

We all know what Apple Cider Vinegar smells like, but Canadian company Phillip Adam has created a soft, gentle smelling shampoo and conditioner that is safe for you and great for your hair. Really, it smells so good and feels light on your hair when the heat is weighing you down.

Gypsy Soul Organics Face Serum

Gypsy Soul Organics knows how to care for skin with clean products that smell so good and light. We feel so honored when we get to know our vendors on a personal level. The owner of GSO, Amy, and her husband had a shop in Austin. I got to personally pick up the products from her, see her shop, and hear her passion for making products with pure ingredients. This face serum is a multivitamin for your skin and, with its sweet lavender scent, a soothing product for your soul.

Imani Collective Custom Wall Hanger

It was an honor for us to carry a product from Imani Collective. With purchases from Imani, you are supporting artisans in Kenya. In turn, these powerful women are supporting their families. This wall hanger was created just for our Mama Bird customers, but you should check out their full collection for more home and baby items.