Meet Lettering Designer Amanda Krovic

We are so excited to give you a larger introduction to Amanda Krovic. Her cards have made their way into our boxes a few times, and we love all things Amanda Krovic Designs! Read our interview with her about work and motherhood.

Tell us a little about your company. How did you get started lettering?

I’m the artist and calligrapher behind Amanda Krovic Design – a full-service lettering shop selling paper goods and providing lettering work for weddings, events, and logo design for small brands. I’ve always had a love for handwriting since I was young, but it wasn’t until I began planning my own wedding that I decided to try out my skill in calligraphy.  After taking a few local classes and hand lettering my own wedding envelopes and signage, something clicked inside of me and I developed a passion for the art. From there, a few friends hired me on for their weddings, and the business just blossomed from there very organically.

What are your favorite items to create?

There is something so special about good old fashioned snail mail, so I will always have a heart for designing hand lettered cards. But I also love to see where my art prints land, many of which I’ve seen framed on walls next to wedding and newborn photos, and that just makes my heart flutter!

Tell us a bit about your motherhood journey as a working creative. What are some of the highlights? What about the tough parts?

My motherhood journey as a working creative has always stemmed from balance. Aside from staying home full-time to care for my daughter, my creative work runs on a part-time schedule that ebbs and flows depending on the season (Spring and Fall are my busy seasons for weddings). While we attempt a routine most days, we all know that life with a baby or toddler can change at any second. Some days are harder than others, when a fussy baby and no nap comes into play, which leave me barely any time to respond to an email. The highlight is being able to be present at home during these early years in my daughter’s life. Being able to catch all of the milestones has been such a blessing. The tough side is knowing that each day can be vastly different and you can’t have a set schedule for work flow. My projects either get done during nap time or once Faire is in bed at night, but then that also cuts into time between my husband and I when he gets home from work. So it’s just learning to balance it all, which I know I’ll likely be figuring out said balance for the next two decades.

What was your favorite pregnancy self-care tip? Did you have any special things you did to feel most like yourself during that special time?

Having lived in New York City up until I was 38 weeks pregnant with my daughter, I never realized how much all of the daily walking (5-6 miles daily!) would benefit my pregnancy until postpartum. The walking, in combination with prenatal pilates, really helped keep the baby weight down and ultimately helped during labor and delivery.


I would certainly say some form of exercise is a great self-care tip. We are expecting baby #2 in early January and I’ve been enjoying barre classes this time around. The occasional pedicure and prenatal massage are also great ways to relax and pamper.

What are some of your must have baby items?

Realistically, this list could go on and on but I know how different every baby can be, and what works for one may not work for another. Here are the top items that became such lifesavers for us in those early days and I anxiously await to put them to use again in the New Year!

DockATot: This magical pillow works wonders in the snooze department. It’s a comfortable and safe option for your baby to nap and it helped us with transitioning our daughter from the bassinet to the crib. Worth every penny!

-Nursing Cover: We loved our Covered Goods nursing cover, which also doubles as a car seat cover.

Solly Baby Wrap: My favorite method of baby wearing in the newborn stage. Also, one of my favorite items to gift at baby showers!

Gathre Mats: Beautiful bonded leather mats that are entirely wipeable and basically a necessity for all the messes. We love the micro size for quick diaper changes on the go, the midi size for a highchair mat, and the maxi for picnics at the beach or the park.

-A Good Rocker: I can’t stress this one enough. You will spend a great deal of time nursing and bonding with your new baby, so it’s worth investing in a rocker you can comfortably sit in for long periods of time. We ultimately went with the Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker for both aesthetic and comfort factors, but also the weaving texture and color hides milk and spit ups.

How would you encourage other working mamas? What advice would you give to a new mama juggling motherhood and work starting out?

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. I know I am extremely lucky to be in the position I am, being my own boss in a creative industry I love, with the ability to stay at home and raise my daughter. But it does have many rough days and the grass isn’t always greener (I promise, it’s more than just coffee shops and cute babies we see on Instagram!). I find it’s been helpful to stay as organized as possible to manage a healthy home and work-life balance. Keeping reminders and appointments both on my iPhone and a physical day planner have been key for this Type-A mama. And most importantly, don’t be afraid to say ‘NO.’ Learning to turn down opportunities more often has been the best thing for me in this new season, allowing me to slow down and soak up more precious moments with my tiny tribe.

Amanda Krovic

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Our 10 Favorite Father’s Day Gifts – A Gift Guide

Father's Day Gifts dad (and mom) will love!

Father’s Day is just around the corner (it snuck right up on us!) so we’ve rounded up our favorite Father’s Day gifts.

We know we’re in the market of pampering mamas, but that doesn’t mean dad doesn’t deserve to be celebrated as well… especially if there’s a little one on the way!

Keep scrolling for the goods…

1. Roo Hammock from Kammok  |  2. Arvo Watch (a great give-back purchase!)  |  3. Chocolate Macarons by Little Hope Cakes (for the dad with a sweet tooth)  |  4. Portland General Store Skincare Set  |  5. Lodge Cast Iron Pizza Pan  |  6. Nespresso VertuoLine Espresso & Coffee Maker  |  7. Rambler Weekender by Man Ready Mercantile (for the dad on the go)  |  8. The Carry On Cocktail Kit (who doesn’t like a portable Moscow Mule?)  |  9. The Sock Club Membership (monthly socks we just love!)  |  10. Eastwest Bottlers Moonshine Soap

We wanted to include a variety of items at a variety of price points… we know having a baby is cause to pinch some pennies. But no matter if you are looking for a small something special, or a Father’s Day Gift splurge these are some great options!

And let’s be honest… that Nespresso is also a gift for mom as well. With a newborn and kids coffee can be a must!

These are just a few of our go to’s and we’d love to hear how you’re treating Dad this Father’s Day. Leave a comment below!

Sitz Bath – What it is and Why We Recommend It

The Magic of a Sitz Bath and why we recommend it | mama bird box | gifts for pregnant women

My very first awareness of a sitz bath was in the hospital after having my first baby. Nora was the first baby born in a brand new labor and delivery wing of our hospital in Wisconsin. They thought of everything in this place. It’s hard to remember all of the perks because they become a little less important when you are gazing into your 1 day old baby’s face, but the two things I loved and remember well were the family bed (a full sized hospital bed) and the sitz bath room.

The hospital had a small room that a postpartum mama could reserve. It was reminiscent of a bathroom except it contained a shallow, bidet-type seat. The seat held a small amount of water to sit in with a faucet of constant flowing water set at a warm temperature. The sitz bath was so good for my sore body. It is a huge understatement to say that your body goes through a lot during labor. About 5 times during my 2 day hospital stay, I would request the sitz bath room, bring a magazine and just sit. It was as good as any spa I’ve ever been to.

However, there was one element in this postpartum luxury that I was missing…sitz bath herbs. Nature has so much goodness for us. And because of the wisdom of all the mothers and midwives who have gone before us, we’ve learned how to put them together to heal our warrior lady parts after they just took a beating.

Some common ingredients used in sitz bath herbs:

  • Uva Ursi leaf – kills bacteria in the bladder
  • Lavender flower – traditionally used for women’s health, gives a calming aroma
  • Witch Hazel bark – soothes swollen, sore perineum and treats hemorrhoids
  • Marshmallow Root – soothes and heals minor wounds

Herbs are combined to make a tea…the non-drinking kind of tea. It still needs to be brewed like a tea, but then the brew can be used in various ways.

I think the most comfortable postpartum way to use sitz bath teas is to pour the brew into a pad and freeze it. This combination really helps with swelling and inflammation. Otherwise, you can keep it warm and fill a pad to wear right away. Another way is to put the brewed tea in a peri bottle and rinse yourself with it after going to the bathroom. Or you can create your own postpartum spa by putting the tea directly into the bath and soak.

You can make your sitz bath extra memorable with you baby, too. Sitz bath herbs help heal your baby’s umbilical cord and the lavender will calm your baby as he adjusts to the new world outside of you.

Read more from Gwen’s Nest, who gives great instructions for each way to use sitz bath herbs.

 Also, we love and recommend anything from Birds and Bees Teas. You can buy a bag from them or wait to get it in your Month 9 box. 🙂
Happy Sitz-ing!

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