5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Pregnant Moms

Christmas is right around the corner, and it can be hard to finding the right gift ideas for pregnant moms. Clothes are hard because her body is constantly changing, and gifts for the baby are always loved and so adorable, but it still isn’t something that is just for the mama. We’ve made a list of our 5 favorite gifts that are just for the mom-to-be that are sure to make her feel special this holiday season.

Pregnancy Massage Gifts for Pregnant Moms | Mama Bird Box Blog5. Pregnancy Massage – A massage is a great gift for pregnant moms anytime, but it’s an amazing gift for someone who has little feet tap dancing on her back constantly. Help her ease that aching back.


Housecleaning Gift Idea for Pregnant Moms | Mama Bird Blog
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4. Hire a house cleaner – Not much is better for a nesting mama than having someone clean the things she can’t bend over to reach. It’s also a great way to remind her to take it easy.




Jewelry Gift for Pregnant Moms | Mama Bird Blog
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3. Jewelry – She may not want new clothes right now, so giving a cute necklace or pair of earrings is a great way to change up her maternity look. Jewelry also gives you plenty of wiggle room in your budget, you can easily spend a little or a lot on a great piece for her.




Pregnancy Body Pillow Gifts for Pregnant Moms | Mama Bird Blog2. Body Pillow – This is such a lifesaver for sleep during pregnancy. Some women may have a hard time spending the money to invest in a good body pillow themselves, so this is a great option to give as a gift. Both she and her spouse will thank you for the peaceful nights!



Mama Bird Box Gifts for Pregnant Moms Mama Bird Box Blog1. Mama Bird Box Subscription – We may be a little biased, but we think that a Mama Bird Box is the best gift for a mama-to-be. We have curated a great mix of health and beauty items to make a pregnant mom-to-be feel extra special. With the carefully handpicked items for each month of pregnancy, you can gift one box or a full subscription. You can’t go wrong either way and it’s already beautifully wrapped and packaged!

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