Peek Inside the Box: August

Our August box was packed full of some phenomenal products for pregnant and new moms. We love these goodies so much, they’ve already made their way into our daily routines!

Goddess Garden Organic Facial Sunscreen

We all want to protect our faces from sun damage, but if you’re like us, sometimes the greasy feel of sunscreen just doesn’t work with your daily routine.

Goddess Garden understood that dilemma and created the perfect facial sunscreen.

It’s certified organic and packed with nourishing antioxidants (win!) and anti-aging ingredients (double win!) – including aloe vera, shea butter, and immortelle essential oils. It’s a sheer formula, so it’s non-greasy and pairs easily with makeup.

Goddess Garden uses natural minerals, rather than harsh chemicals, to reflect UV rays. Since minerals aren’t absorbed, they are safe and gentle for your skin. Not only is this great news for you, but if you’re expecting, you can feel great about protecting your baby from absorbing harsh chemicals as well.

We love Goddess Garden’s Organic Facial Sunscreen for all-day, everyday use – from a Saturday at the pool to an outdoor lunch with coworkers, we’ll definitely be adding this product to our morning routine.

Mavibandz Headbands

Raise your hand if you’ve yet to find a headband that stays in place and won’t give you a headache. Us too… until now!Mavibandz are handmade and feature a non-slip technology that guarantees that they’ll stay put. Plus, they are made with an adjustable elastic back, making them the perfect fit every time (which means they’re never too tight, so no headaches!).

Wear your Maviband to your prenatal yoga class, to brunch with friends, and when you’re washing your face before bed. Then on those tired new-baby mornings, pull your hair back and add a Maviband for a super cute, no-fuss look that’s fit for whatever your day might hold!

CreekBaby Coconut Body Creme

We all know coconut oil is a miracle product, and CreekBaby’s Coconut Body Creme might be our favorite yet. It is 100% pure, organic, unscented coconut oil – not only are there no fragrances added, there is truly no scent – which makes it perfect for mom, baby, and anyone in the family.

We love the Coconut Body Creme because it’s so incredibly versatile and useful. It’s the perfect belly balm for your growing tummy, nursing cream for dry and cracked skin, and diaper rash ointment for your sweet baby.

Some more of our favorite uses? Skin moisturizer, hair conditioner, lip balm, shaving cream, body wash… so many possibilities!

Each of these fantastic products for expectant and new moms have quickly become some of our very favorites, and we know you’ll love them too!


An Interview with Seraphine Maternity

Image of An Interview with Seraphine Maternity

We were thrilled to chat with our friends at Seraphine, who’s maternity collection is one we just adore! Beyond maternity, they also offer nursing and baby clothing you will love.

Read on as Cecile Reinaud, Seraphine founder, tells us a bit about her company and mission!

Tell us a little about your company and its vision.

Seraphine is an international maternity fashion brand, helping style-conscious moms-to-be to stick to their signature look through pregnancy. I set up the company in 2002 with the aim of revolutionizing the maternity wear market. Since then, Seraphine has become an authority on all things maternity style and is known for dressing all the A-lister bumps – we’ve dressed everyone from Gwen Stefani, Anne Hathaway & Jessica Alba to The Duchess of Cambridge.

What’s your favorite holiday trend you’re seeing in pregnancy fashion this season?

Every woman needs a fail-safe LBD for the festive season, and I love all the glamorous options around at the moment. We have a fantastic Off The Shoulder Black Maternity Dress, which is perfect for parties and our Sparkly Maternity Cocktail Dress offers the perfect touch of glitz for the holidays. For something more casual I love our Berry Nursing & Maternity Tunic. You can glam it up for a night out or throw it on for a morning walk, it is a true maternity must-have.

An Interview with Seraphine Maternity

What go-to shoe choice would you suggest as having style with comfort?

For pregnancy you really can’t beat a pair of ballet flats. I’m very petite so usually live in my heels, but I suffered terrible back pain through pregnancy, so had to find something stylish to replace them. The ballerina style was perfect. They’re flat, so comfortable for all-day wear and stylish enough to wear to work and out to dinner.

Who’s your pregnancy style icon?

In my line of work I’ve had the pleasure to dress many glamorous expectant celebs – it’s one of the highlights of my job! In the past week alone we’ve dressed Marion Cotillard, former X Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Sophie Hunter, Eva Amurri & Alexa Penavega and I’m always interested to see how each woman styles her Seraphine differently. Of course that makes it almost impossible to choose just one style icon! But I think The Duchess of Cambridge has to be at the top of my list – she looked elegant in Seraphine through both of her pregnancies, and even chose our signature Fuchsia Knot Front Maternity Dress for the first official pictures with Prince George.

What advice would you give an expect mom – be it fashion advice or otherwise – on how to feel her most confident during this time?

This is a question I’m often asked, and my answer is always the same: Stay true to your own style. When your body is changing so dramatically in such a short space of time, it can be easy to lose touch with your signature look. But just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel like your regular fabulous self. With the right maternity clothes and accessories you can enjoy a truly fashionable pregnancy. See more at

My Pregnancy Uniform: Laurel Linton

Laurel - My Pregnancy Beauty Uniform - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy

For our second My Beauty Routine installment (missed the first one? you can read it right here) we knew we had to talk with Laurel. Laurel is a speech therapist who lives and loves in Brooklyn. She and her husband are expecting their first child this winter and we just know they’re going to be the most incredible parents.

Continue reading as she tells us how she takes care of herself during these nine months and what she does to feel the most like herself.

*all photography by Bethany Michaela Jones*

What is your daily beauty routine? What products do you use?
I’m sort of a minimalist on the daily routines. I’m pretty blessed with easy skin so I try not to put a lot on my face. I use a natural face wash by neutrogena and great moisturizers by Laura Mercier. One for for day and one for night. Lately I tend to throw on a little makeup as I’m rushing out the door but nothing fancy!
Laurel - My Pregnancy Beauty Uniform - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy
Do you have any beauty rituals you adopted since becoming pregnant?
My most favorite has been a home made coconut sugar scrub infused with lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. I use on it my belly and hips every time I shower. It keeps my skin so smooth and moisturized and so far I haven’t had any stretch marks! Here’s hoping it stays that way 😉
What has been your go-to style during pregnancy? Describe your favorite outfit you’re wearing these days?
I’ll be honest, the transition of style during pregnancy hasn’t been easy at every stage. There’s the weird phase where none of your normal clothes fit, but you’re not quite big enough to be full on “maternity” bump zone. I ended up wearing lots of yoga pants and cute flowy tops during that time. Now that I’m into the 3rd trimester, it’s fun to get dressed and show off my bump. The hard part is bending over and getting my socks and shoes on, haha! My favorite are tunics or dresses with a belt over my tummy and maternity tights or leggings. I’ve also fully embraced the cozy fall sweater and am pretty much living in one that feels like a warm blanket.
Laurel - My Pregnancy Beauty Uniform - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy
Are there any particular food or drinks you love to keep you feel good and glowing?
I drink coconut water almost daily. It’s great for keeping hydrated and getting those electrolytes. I put slices of cucumber and fresh mint in my water bottle to get a fresh twist on the constant need to hydrate.
Laurel - My Pregnancy Beauty Uniform - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy
What wisdom do you hope to pass down to your little one?
When it comes to being a woman, I hope she learns from me that true beauty comes from the inside, and who we are deep down, not just from how we look or what clothes we wear. I also hope she learns to appreciate and love her body and not feel ashamed of it, to accept and care for her body and not idolize a false standard of beauty. I know this is something many women, including myself, struggle with, and I know it will be an ongoing challenge for me to model those ideals I hope to pass on to my daughter.
Laurel - My Pregnancy Beauty Uniform - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy
What advice would you give to other pregnant moms about feeling like themselves and enjoying this time?
There is a lot of pressure, about what you should be doing or shouldn’t be doing, how active you should be, how much rest you should get, what things are essential to buy for baby… it can be really overwhelming. And its easy to compare yourself to other pregnant women, which is a mistake. I think the best advice is to remember that every mama and every pregnancy are unique, and you need to go at your own pace and remain true to yourself. Trust yourself and your body, and shake of those haters (or well-meaning advice givers).
Laurel - My Pregnancy Beauty Uniform - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy
Thank you, Laurel, for sharing your routine with us!
For more from Laurel, follow her on Instagram right here!