Meet our Products: Pareik, Sparkling Mama and Mr. B’s Necessities

We’ve partnered up with some truly wonderful makers this summer, and we’d love to introduce you to a few of them! Pareik, Sparkling Mama, and Mr. B’s Necessities were all featured in some of our recent boxes. We were lucky enough to catch up with each of them to hear a little more about their incredible products!

Pareik Skin Co.


Pareik is a luxury natural skin care company whose products are made by hand, in small batches, using only the highest quality ingredients. After years of working with clients, they ultimately found that by eliminating harsh chemicals and sticking with simple, natural remedies, skin flourishes!

Pareik recommends their Vitamin C Serum – Reface Me – for expectant and new mamas, and we couldn’t agree more!

Reface Me is an oil-based serum, packed with antioxidant protection. It focuses on removing free radicals in sun-exposed skin, which makes it perfect for these hot summer days. And bonus – because it’s vitamin C based, it helps with under eye bags (yes please!) and dryness.

Whether you’re experiencing the sleeplessness that comes with pregnancy, up all night with your precious newborn, or simply looking to care for your sun-exposed skin, this luxurious serum is a treat for expectant and new mamas alike.

Sparkling Mama

After experiencing extreme morning sickness throughout her two pregnancies and finding no relief in any available product, Tami Lennox developed Sparkling Mama’s Fizzelixir.

Fizzelixir is an effervescent supplement powder that dissolves in any beverage to help alleviate morning sickness. It’s flavored with subtle hints of lemon and ginger, is sweetened with pure sugar cane, and contains Vitamin B6 and Magnesium to boot!

Want more you can feel good about? It’s doctor approved, contains no caffeine, and (our favorite quality) contains no dyes or artificial sweeteners.

As if relief from dreadful morning sickness weren’t enough, you may also find Fizzelixer helps you have fewer leg cramps, more restful sleep, and more energy throughout the day – we call that a win all around… and why we included a full 6-pack in our June box!

Mr. B’s Necessities

The husband and wife team behind Mr. B’s Necessities takes great pride in their family-owned company, and it’s not hard to see why! Mr. B’s is a plant-based bath and body company that uses 100% natural ingredients, and makes all of their products in small batches. They specialize soaps, aromatherapy, and our favorite – the Rose Facial Mist & Toner.

Mr. B’s Facial Mist is a simple, natural recipe designed to tone and brighten your skin – just spray your face throughout the day for an easy, skin healing experience!

The Rose Facial Mist is a must-have for expectant and new mamas alike. If your skin is undergoing the changes that come with pregnancy, or you’re just looking for an easy boost after a long night with your little one – you’ll love the refreshing pick-me-up this mist offers. Our favorite pro-tip – put this one on your hospital bag packing list!

We know you’ll love these all-natural products for new and expecting mamas as much as we do!

Curious what a past box included? Take a peek at our June box (featuring both Pareik and Sparkling Mama)!

And be sure to grab your Mama Bird Box subscription and enjoy monthly boxes packed with full-size goods like this!

Our 10 Favorite Father’s Day Gifts – A Gift Guide

Father's Day Gifts dad (and mom) will love!

Father’s Day is just around the corner (it snuck right up on us!) so we’ve rounded up our favorite Father’s Day gifts.

We know we’re in the market of pampering mamas, but that doesn’t mean dad doesn’t deserve to be celebrated as well… especially if there’s a little one on the way!

Keep scrolling for the goods…

1. Roo Hammock from Kammok  |  2. Arvo Watch (a great give-back purchase!)  |  3. Chocolate Macarons by Little Hope Cakes (for the dad with a sweet tooth)  |  4. Portland General Store Skincare Set  |  5. Lodge Cast Iron Pizza Pan  |  6. Nespresso VertuoLine Espresso & Coffee Maker  |  7. Rambler Weekender by Man Ready Mercantile (for the dad on the go)  |  8. The Carry On Cocktail Kit (who doesn’t like a portable Moscow Mule?)  |  9. The Sock Club Membership (monthly socks we just love!)  |  10. Eastwest Bottlers Moonshine Soap

We wanted to include a variety of items at a variety of price points… we know having a baby is cause to pinch some pennies. But no matter if you are looking for a small something special, or a Father’s Day Gift splurge these are some great options!

And let’s be honest… that Nespresso is also a gift for mom as well. With a newborn and kids coffee can be a must!

These are just a few of our go to’s and we’d love to hear how you’re treating Dad this Father’s Day. Leave a comment below!

11 Darling Nursery Wallpaper Patterns

image of Best Nursery Wallpaper - Mama Bird Box Blog - Gifts for Pregnancy

We’ve been fans of unique wallpaper for some time, and with so many  new designers and patterns hitting the market it’s clear the wall fun has just begun!

We saved our most recent favorites and wanted to share them with you. Scroll down for the best nursery wallpaper patterns (in our opinion) and where you can find them!

Image of Best Nursery Wallpaper - Anewall Jolie Wallpaper - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy

Jolie Wallpaper – Anewall

Isn’t this just a soft, darling pattern for a little girl’s room? We love the blushy tones and soft greens. You can find it for sale right here.

Image of Best Nursery Wallpaper - Chasing Paper - Animals - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy

Wild – Chasing Paper

We are head over heels for this animal print wallpaper. How could you not fall in love with those little faces?! Plus, it comes in 4 different colors so you can find the perfect tone to fit your nursery. Find it right here.

Image of Best Nursery Wallpaper - Aneweall Watercolor Cactus Wallpaper - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy

Watercolor Cactus Wallpaper – Anewall

This stopped us in our tracks. How perfect would this be for a gender neutral nursery? Find it here.

Image of Best Nursery Wallpaper - Sissy and Marley Drops Wallpaper in Charcoal - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy

Drops Wallpaper in Charcoal – Sissy and Marley

This print is just perfect for a black and white themed nursery. We love that as baby grows up this wallpaper would still be appropriate in the room! Purchase right here.

Image of Best Nursery Wallpaper - Ellie Cashman Design Still Life with Shadows Blue Design Wallpaper - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy

Still Life with Shadows Blue Vinyl Wallcovering – Ellie Cashman

We are head over heels for anything Ellie Cashman designs. Her floral patterns are so unique and lovely. We love the idea of this in baby’s room. We also love the idea of it in mom and dad’s room as well (wink wink). See the goodness here!

Image of Best Nursery Wallpaper - LivettesKIDS Scallop Wallpaper - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy

Blush Scallop Wallpaper – LivettesKIDS

We love a good scallop print and this blush tone pattern is just perfect! Plus this wallpaper comes in traditional or removable and you can customize the colors if you like! Learn more here!

Image of Best Nursery Wallpaper - LivettesKIDS Tropical Wallpaper, Toucan Bird - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy

Toucan Bird Wallpaper – LivettesKIDS

Oh my goodness… toucans! What a way to add a tropical touch to your nursery. Bonus, this also comes in both tradition and removable paper options! Find it here.

Image of Best Nursery Wallpaper - The Lovely Wall Flower Confetti Colorful Compilation Wall Decal - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy

Flower Confetti Colorful Compilation Wall Decal – The Lovely Wall

So technically these are decals, not wallpaper, but we had to include nonetheless. The color scheme and pattern was way too fun to not share with you! Get a set here.

Image of Best Nursery Wallpaper - Wall Plays Retro Triangle Pattern Fabric Wallpaper - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy

Retro Triangle Pattern Fabric Wallpaper – Wall Plays

This pattern is so cool. It’s a fabric wallpaper that’s easy to peel and stick AND allows you to reposition if necessary. Since hanging traditional wallpaper is no walk in the park we do love this idea! Find it here.

Image of Best Nursery Wallpaper - Cole and Son Flamingos Wallpaper - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy

Flamingos Wallpaper – Cole and Son

We love that this nursery wallpaper is dark and moody, yet the flamingos make it tropical and fun. If dark isn’t for you that’s ok! It also comes in a light background! See here.

Image of Best Nursery Wallpaper - Hygge and West - Tassle Wallpaper - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy

Tassles Wallpaper – Hygge and West

We think this fun and breezy pattern would be a great option for a gender neutral baby’s room. We also can’t help but this it would be a perfect backdrop for a nautical themed nursery. Find it here.

Pretty fun right? Which was your favorite?

P.S. Can’t get enough wallpaper? See our previous post for our favorites from last year – many of which are still available for purchase! –> 12 Nursery Wallpaper Patterns We Can’t Get Enough Of.