12 Nursery Wallpaper Patterns We Can’t Get Enough Of

12 nursery wallpaper ideas - Mama Bird Box

We don’t know about you, but we’re loving that wallpaper has been getting a fresh and stylish new rap. It’s growing popularity is making it easier and easier to find unique  patterns for any room in your house. And with temporary, easy-to-remove wallpaper being a common item now, nursery wallpaper is our favorite!

Keep scrolling for 12 of our absolute favorites right now…

12 Nursery Wallpaper Ideas - Wall Candy - Mama Bird Box Blog

  1. Wall Candy – Wee Gallery Jungle Temporary Wallpaper (found at 2Modern)

Bright, colorful, floral, and adorable animals? What could be better than this Wee Gallery Jungle wallpaper? Bonus… It’s temporary! which means you can easily take it down when your little one outgrows it.

12 Nursery Wallpaper Ideas - Wallplays - Mama Bird Box Blog

2. Wall Plays – Striped Seamless Blue Removable Wallpaper (found on Etsy)

The color and pattern on this wallpaper is simply adorable. We love that it’s gender-neutral and could match just about anything!

12 Nursery Wallpaper Ideas - Swag Paper - Mama Bird Box Blog

3. Swag Paper – Triangles Geometric Panel Wallpaper (found on AllModern)

This Triangles Geometric wallpaper from Swag Paper comes in black, blue, and yellow!

12 Nursery Wallpaper Ideas - Hygge and West - Mama Bird Box Blog

4. Hygge & West – Strawberries in White by Emily Isabella

Hygge & West continually has great patterns! This adorable strawberries pattern would be perfect in a little gals room don’t you think?

12 Nursery Wallpaper Ideas - Livettes Kids - Mama Bird Box Blog

5. Livettes Kids – Bunny Butt Removable Wallpaper (found on Etsy)

Livettes is another favorite of ours. Fresh, bright patterns you will adore… like this bunny butt pattern!

12 Nursery Wallpaper Ideas - Cavern Home - Mama Bird Box Blog

6. Cavern – Navajo Print Wallpaper

Feeling more of a bold vibe? We hear you! This Navajo Wallpaper from Cavern is a the prettiest shade of turquoise we ever did see.

12 Nursery Wallpaper Ideas - Wall Plays - Mama Bird Box Blog

7. Wall Plays – Black Dot Wallpaper (found on Etsy)

Wall Plays Black Dot Wallpaper would be fitting in any room in the house… and in a nursery it’s particularly sweet!

12 Nursery Wallpaper Ideas - Wallcandy Arts - Mama Bird Box Blog

8. Wall Candy Arts – Toile Wallpaper (found on Wayfair)

Little hamburgers, trains, bicycles, oh my! How charming!

12 Nursery Wallpaper Ideas - BC Magic Wallpaper - Mama Bird Box Blog

9. BC Magic Wallpaper – Fruit Temporary Wallpaper (found on Etsy)

We love this paper for any room in the house!

12 Nursery Wallpaper Ideas - Mini Moderns - Mama Bird Box Blog

10. Mini Moderns – One Day

Mini Moderns pattern One Day remind us so dearly of a Wes Anderson in all it’s symmetry and vintage shades.

12 Nursery Wallpaper Ideas - Abigail Edwards - Mama Bird Box Blog

11. Abigail Edwards – Owls of the British Isles

What could be better than perfectly detailed owls?

12 Nursery Wallpaper Ideas - Hygge and West - Mama Bird Box Blog

12. Hygge & West – Moons

We couldn’t help but feature another Hygge & West pattern… Moons is so peaceful and would be fantastic for any nursery wallpaper!

We are having a tough time choosing our favorites… which one is yours?!

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