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Swimsuit shopping can be a dread for any woman. Throw in maternity swimsuit shopping and the joy of shopping can potentially be completely robbed. Pregnancy changes a woman’s body in so many ways… including her hormones.

First, we want you to know that you are not alone. Don’t feel like this is forever. It will end sooner than you think. Some women do not want to splurge on a maternity swimsuit that only gets worn during the short seasons of pregnancy, but it really can be worth it.

There is a call to mothers right now to stop missing out on experiences with their kids because they feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit. The message rings true for moms-to-be as well. Your pregnant body is doing wonderful and beautiful things. And if your husband wants to take you on a babymoon to the Bahamas, oh my goodness, let him. There is no need to miss out on experiences because of a silly swimsuit. Here is our collection of favorite swimsuits to help you feel the most confident in your body while cooling off a few degrees in the pool this summer!

ASOS MaternityASOS Maternity

Our favorite goes to ASOS Maternity swimwear. They have so many feminine, flattering pieces. All women will have swimsuit envy over any of their suits, but this pastel floral one (above) is our favorite for the season.

geometric maternity one-piece | Mama Bird Blog
Target Maternity

Target wins in accessibility. If you are one that really needs to try things on or wants to order 3 sizes and have a easy time with returns, then Target is your place. They also never lack for cute prints.

maternity tie-dye tankini | Mama Bird Blog

Department stores are a great place to shop for swimsuits. They offer a lot of variety meaning you have a better chance of going to the beach and not seeing your same swimsuit on someone else. This tie-dye print by A Pea in the Pod is such a subtle take on the trend. Plus it’s a tankini, which means you can feel fully covered, but bathroom trips are still a breeze.

navy bikini top | Mama Bird Blog
Tommy Bahama
navy tropical bikini bottoms | Mama Bird Blog


There is something that can be said for mixing and matching. Topshop has great suits, and we are in love with the navy tropical print, and it didn’t take long to find this D-cup top. If you get the fit right, many women feel the most confident to show off their bellies. Just be sure to use lots of sunscreen on the belly because the thin belly skin can burn easily.

The summer is only getting hotter. There is still plenty of time to wear your new maternity (or not maternity) swimsuit.

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