Mama Bird Box Review

Meagan Bailey is a very talented photographer and mama-to-be who happens to be one of my very best friends. I was so excited when she announced that she was expecting, and lucky for us it was right around the time that Mama Bird Box launched. She was kind enough to write a review of her first box and took these lovely photos.

Thanks for sharing, Meagan!

Have you heard of Mama Bird Box? My best friend Becca and her sister started their own company just for the pregnant moms out there! It’s monthly subscriptions for each month of your pregnancy. They are specialized as you go through each stage of pregnancy (ex. headaches, morning sickness, etc.).  I got the sweetest little note inside with all kind of goodies!!! Check out their page if you’re expecting or know anyone who is! A little something to make the Mama-to-be feel special! MAMA BIRD BOX


Mama Bird Box Review

Mama Bird Box Review Box Opening

This was my first subscription! During my first trimester. Filled with all kind of goodies to help with nausea and even those pesky headaches.

Inspirational Card in Mama Bird Box

Personalized Cards in Mama Bird Box

A sweet personalized note from Beth and Becca.

Baby Bump Gestational Sticker

Cutest gestational sticker for how many weeks I was!

Emmy's Organics Snacks for Pregnancy

Yummy lemon ginger macaroons!! If you love coconut then you will love these!

Shower Burst Aroma

This Aromatherapy shower burst smells so so good. Helps with headaches.

Morning Sickness Aroma Mist

Morning sickness is no joke, I kept this spray in my purse and it helped ease the nausea each morning.


These drink mixes tastes delish and are so nutritious.

Prenatal Snacks

The Tulle Box Coaster

and a cute little coaster to remind you to drink plenty of fluids and stay very hydrated!

Pick the Right Baby Registry for You

One of the most exciting things about preparing for a baby is picking out things for your baby…aka SHOPPING. I was so glad when I reached some undefined point when I felt like I could start preparing my baby’s room and not feel completely silly for having a space ready for a little person we still wouldn’t see for several more months. We all get anxious to meet our babies so seeing their stuff is probably the most satisfying and real thing we can do while waiting to see them.

Baby Room Registry Post | Mama Bird Box
Image from of Danielle Oakey Interiors

However, as much as I love shopping, my husband and I learned that we really didn’t need as much stuff as we thought we did, and we didn’t have to own everything we thought we needed all at once.

We got all-the-things we thought we were supposed to get for our first baby and made her space one of order and function and baby-ness, but life happens. We moved from Wisconsin to Texas 3 weeks after she was born leaving most of her things and ours behind to keep the house staged and our small moving trailer light. I was disappointed to not have her in her cozy, all-prepared space, but then I started feeling a freedom in leaving behind the non-essentials. Less than two years later when our son was born, our apartment didn’t have space for all-the-things, but we didn’t need it to. Personally, I did find it was harder to stay minimized than it was to have everything because there’s always the “what if I’ll need this someday” question (and I still struggle here), but I always feel fresher with more room to breathe without all-the-things. This is what worked for me, and I found freedom in it.

Mama Bird Box Baby Registry Post
Image from Lala’s Pequenos

I wish I had had some advice on how to start off parenthood with the minimum because that is what would have made the most sense for us. Maybe you have been waiting for this baby for years and you want, and can get, all-the-things. Get them, by all means, get them. Maybe you want all-the-things but are on a budget. Maybe you have friends that want to buy you all-the-things. Maybe you aren’t having a baby shower or creating a baby registry at all, and you want the minimum like me. We have baby registry recommendations for all of you. We have compiled a list of our favorite registry picks so you can find the right one for you. No matter which registry list suits you, we know that you will receive the same amount of joy seeing the clothes and blankets and lovies that will soon belong to you little one. Get ready!

Minimalist on a Budget – Baby on a Budget: What Do You Really Need? from Eco Baby Steps

Minimalist without a Budget (and honestly this isn’t very minimalist, but these items will make your Instagram look amazing.) – The Minimalist’s Baby Registry: What You Actually Need by MOTHER

The ‘Everything’ Everything List – The BEST Baby Registry List Ever by Mint Arrow

A Lot But Not Too Much – The Baby Chick’s Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist by Baby Chick

All the Way Organic – Green Baby Registry by Growing Slower

Not Your First Baby – What to Put on a Registry for Baby #2 by Mommy to Elodie

The perfect marriage of minimal, budget-friendly, and baby shower-free – Hand-me-downs. And then Craigslist.

Here’s a very small personal tip for registering: My husband really, really didn’t want to find out our first baby’s gender at that long awaited 20 week ultrasound, but since she was a surprise on her own I argued and bargained, “I need to feel some control over my life again; I need to know for this one. But any other we kids we have we’ll save it for a surprise.” He gave in under one condition – we register before we find out what we are having so that we will have gender neutral baby items for this baby and any more to come. He’s pretty smart that husband of mine. We found out we were having a girl, and I know I would have gone nuts over the soft, floral pretties.

Fast forward 13 months and we found out we were having another baby, and I held up my end of the bargain. Getting through the ultrasound was the hardest part, but after that the time flew. 9 months later we got The Moment; “It’s a boy.” And I was beyond grateful for all of those gender neutral baby items sitting in our apartment.

Mama Bird Box: A Sister in the Sisterhood of Pregnancy

Welcome to the sisterhood.

It all started with a family of three girls. To anyone who grew up around us, we were and still are “the Burns girls.” And to know one of us is to know all of us because we are close. Super close. Like, I am my truest self when I am around my sisters. When we are together our husbands feel completely lost because I don’t think they understand a word we are saying. It is fast and fragmented yet perfectly complete at the same time. That kind of close.

Sisterhood of Pregnancy
from left to right, Becca, Beth, and Amy

A lot of you have these sisterly bonds either with your actual sister or with your kindred spirit sister. (Anyone else love Anne of Green Gables? Yes? Good.)

My younger sister Becca and I started Mama Bird Box out of a sisterly love for pregnant moms. My sisters and I have each done pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood differently and have found varied ways to support and care for one another through morning sickness, cravings, and raging hormones.


Sisterhood of Pregnancy

Outside of my sisters I find there is also a loving and true sisterhood among all mothers. We want to share in the entire pregnancy-to-motherhood experience. We’re in this together in the best way possible because pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood all require support. We created Mama Bird Box to be a fun, helpful, encouraging “sister” in the sisterhood of pregnancy.

We’re here to help you enjoy being pregnant, we want you to be proud of yourself after childbirth, and we want you to love motherhood. Let us pamper you with goodies so that while you are preparing for your baby, you have a band of sisters saying, “We are thinking of you,” and cheering, “You are going to be a great mom!”

And to our new sisters, we’re happy you’re here.