Mama Bird Box Review

Meagan Bailey is a very talented photographer and mama-to-be who happens to be one of my very best friends. I was so excited when she announced that she was expecting, and lucky for us it was right around the time that Mama Bird Box launched. She was kind enough to write a review of her first box and took these lovely photos.

Thanks for sharing, Meagan!

Have you heard of Mama Bird Box? My best friend Becca and her sister started their own company just for the pregnant moms out there! It’s monthly subscriptions for each month of your pregnancy. They are specialized as you go through each stage of pregnancy (ex. headaches, morning sickness, etc.).  I got the sweetest little note inside with all kind of goodies!!! Check out their page if you’re expecting or know anyone who is! A little something to make the Mama-to-be feel special! MAMA BIRD BOX


Mama Bird Box Review

Mama Bird Box Review Box Opening

This was my first subscription! During my first trimester. Filled with all kind of goodies to help with nausea and even those pesky headaches.

Inspirational Card in Mama Bird Box

Personalized Cards in Mama Bird Box

A sweet personalized note from Beth and Becca.

Baby Bump Gestational Sticker

Cutest gestational sticker for how many weeks I was!

Emmy's Organics Snacks for Pregnancy

Yummy lemon ginger macaroons!! If you love coconut then you will love these!

Shower Burst Aroma

This Aromatherapy shower burst smells so so good. Helps with headaches.

Morning Sickness Aroma Mist

Morning sickness is no joke, I kept this spray in my purse and it helped ease the nausea each morning.


These drink mixes tastes delish and are so nutritious.

Prenatal Snacks

The Tulle Box Coaster

and a cute little coaster to remind you to drink plenty of fluids and stay very hydrated!

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