Mama Bird Box: A Sister in the Sisterhood of Pregnancy

Welcome to the sisterhood.

It all started with a family of three girls. To anyone who grew up around us, we were and still are “the Burns girls.” And to know one of us is to know all of us because we are close. Super close. Like, I am my truest self when I am around my sisters. When we are together our husbands feel completely lost because I don’t think they understand a word we are saying. It is fast and fragmented yet perfectly complete at the same time. That kind of close.

from left to right, Becca, Beth, and Amy

A lot of you have these sisterly bonds either with your actual sister or with your kindred spirit sister. (Anyone else love Anne of Green Gables? Yes? Good.)

My younger sister Becca and I started Mama Bird Box out of a sisterly love for pregnant moms. My sisters and I have each done pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood differently and have found varied ways to support and care for one another through morning sickness, cravings, and raging hormones.


Outside of my sisters I find there is also a loving and true sisterhood among all mothers. We want to share in the entire pregnancy-to-motherhood experience. We’re in this together in the best way possible because pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood all require support. We created Mama Bird Box to be a fun, helpful, encouraging “sister” in the sisterhood of pregnancy.

We’re here to help you enjoy being pregnant, we want you to be proud of yourself after childbirth, and we want you to love motherhood. Let us pamper you with goodies so that while you are preparing for your baby, you have a band of sisters saying, “We are thinking of you,” and cheering, “You are going to be a great mom!”

And to our new sisters, we’re happy you’re here.