A Gift for Me, the Mom

Mama Bird Box Gift for Mom NecklaeTwo years ago on my son’s first birthday, we had a typical party: balloons, cake, a rainy day, a house full of people…and presents. Before the gift giving began, a friend pulled me to the side and gave me her gift. She said, “This is actually for you. I figure you’re the one who did all the work a year ago, so you deserve a present.” (A five-year-old might protest, but my one-year-old kiddo had no opinion.)

I was filled with emotion. I did do all the work the year before, but I never thought I needed acknowledgement from someone other than my husband.

I had some of my darkest days during Wesley’s first year. I was put to the test with a distracted nurser/non-eater, non-sleeper. I was discouraged and exhausted on his first birthday.

But then there was this beautiful friend of mine giving me a beautiful necklace, and I felt something so powerful in her gift for me. I put on the necklace and took a look at that happy, healthy (though skinny) baby of mine, and I felt restored. We have this amazing ability to lift one another up just by acknowledging each other for what we do. This is just another reason why we created Mama Bird Box.

Mama Bird Box is a gift for you, the Mom.

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