5 Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

One of the most exciting things about being pregnant is announcing to all the people in your life that you are!  Some of you lucky ladies get to make your big announcement during the holidays. Telling your loved ones that you’re going to have a baby is undoubtedly one of the best gifts you will ever give them, and with Christmas fast approaching, now is the best time to let the cat out of the bag. We’ve made a list of 5 fun ways to tell your loved ones that you’re pregnant. Just be prepared for the tears and hugs after you tell them. Have fun planning your Christmas pregnancy announcement.

Mama Bird Box Pregnancy Snowglobe

A cute way to share that you are pregnant is to give an ornament. Mari Orr at Crab+Fish wrote a great post on a DIY pregnancy announcement. 

Mama Bird Box Pregnancy

Next to your baby’s grandparents, his/her aunts and uncles will be the ones to spoil them the most, so you should be sure to remember them when the time comes to make your big Christmas pregnancy announcement! We love these mugs from simplymadegreetings.

Mama Bird Box Pregnancy

Such a tiny and sweet way to announce your pregnancy. This adorable onsie is great if you just want to share with your spouse or if you want to give to the whole family! You should probably have some kleenex ready if you choose the latter.

Mama Bird Box Pregnancy

This sweet and simple picture is one of our favorite ways to announce that you are pregnant. No words necessary, just put it in a frame and add a bow.

Mama Bird Box Pregnant

For those of you mamas-to-be who are bold and have a great sense of humor! Show your personality in a picture announcement and just wait for your Dad’s cheeks to blush! Tammy at Clarity Photography did a great job with this picture.

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Pregnant Moms

Christmas is right around the corner, and it can be hard to finding the right gift ideas for pregnant moms. Clothes are hard because her body is constantly changing, and gifts for the baby are always loved and so adorable, but it still isn’t something that is just for the mama. We’ve made a list of our 5 favorite gifts that are just for the mom-to-be that are sure to make her feel special this holiday season.

Pregnancy Massage Gifts for Pregnant Moms | Mama Bird Box Blog5. Pregnancy Massage – A massage is a great gift for pregnant moms anytime, but it’s an amazing gift for someone who has little feet tap dancing on her back constantly. Help her ease that aching back.


Housecleaning Gift Idea for Pregnant Moms | Mama Bird Blog
Photo by @mamawatters

4. Hire a house cleaner – Not much is better for a nesting mama than having someone clean the things she can’t bend over to reach. It’s also a great way to remind her to take it easy.




Jewelry Gift for Pregnant Moms | Mama Bird Blog
Photo by ollie_and_me

3. Jewelry – She may not want new clothes right now, so giving a cute necklace or pair of earrings is a great way to change up her maternity look. Jewelry also gives you plenty of wiggle room in your budget, you can easily spend a little or a lot on a great piece for her.




Pregnancy Body Pillow Gifts for Pregnant Moms | Mama Bird Blog2. Body Pillow – This is such a lifesaver for sleep during pregnancy. Some women may have a hard time spending the money to invest in a good body pillow themselves, so this is a great option to give as a gift. Both she and her spouse will thank you for the peaceful nights!



Mama Bird Box Gifts for Pregnant Moms Mama Bird Box Blog1. Mama Bird Box Subscription – We may be a little biased, but we think that a Mama Bird Box is the best gift for a mama-to-be. We have curated a great mix of health and beauty items to make a pregnant mom-to-be feel extra special. With the carefully handpicked items for each month of pregnancy, you can gift one box or a full subscription. You can’t go wrong either way and it’s already beautifully wrapped and packaged!

Mama Bird Box Review

Meagan Bailey is a very talented photographer and mama-to-be who happens to be one of my very best friends. I was so excited when she announced that she was expecting, and lucky for us it was right around the time that Mama Bird Box launched. She was kind enough to write a review of her first box and took these lovely photos.

Thanks for sharing, Meagan!

Have you heard of Mama Bird Box? My best friend Becca and her sister started their own company just for the pregnant moms out there! It’s monthly subscriptions for each month of your pregnancy. They are specialized as you go through each stage of pregnancy (ex. headaches, morning sickness, etc.).  I got the sweetest little note inside with all kind of goodies!!! Check out their page if you’re expecting or know anyone who is! A little something to make the Mama-to-be feel special! MAMA BIRD BOX


Mama Bird Box Review

Mama Bird Box Review Box Opening

This was my first subscription! During my first trimester. Filled with all kind of goodies to help with nausea and even those pesky headaches.

Inspirational Card in Mama Bird Box

Personalized Cards in Mama Bird Box

A sweet personalized note from Beth and Becca.

Baby Bump Gestational Sticker

Cutest gestational sticker for how many weeks I was!

Emmy's Organics Snacks for Pregnancy

Yummy lemon ginger macaroons!! If you love coconut then you will love these!

Shower Burst Aroma

This Aromatherapy shower burst smells so so good. Helps with headaches.

Morning Sickness Aroma Mist

Morning sickness is no joke, I kept this spray in my purse and it helped ease the nausea each morning.


These drink mixes tastes delish and are so nutritious.

Prenatal Snacks

The Tulle Box Coaster

and a cute little coaster to remind you to drink plenty of fluids and stay very hydrated!