5 Healthy Snacks for the Pregnant Mom


It can be a challenge to remember to/want to eat healthily while you’re pregnant. When the cravings strike they strike hard. We’ve rounded up five healthy and quick snacks to help keep you and baby satisfied throughout the day. Scroll down for the list!

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

fruit and yogurt parfait - 5 healthy snacks for the pregnant mom - mama bird box - gifts for pregnancy

A healthy way to get a bowl packed full of fruit and all the healthy benefits of a good yogurt. Simply layer a good quality yogurt, assorted fruit, and granola (this granola is so tasty and has one whole serving of vegetables!). The calcium and protein are fantastic for your growing baby and the yogurt is packed full of live active cultures to boost your overall health!

Beanitos Baked: Mac n’ Cheese

beanitos baked mac n'cheese - 5 healthy snacks for the pregnant mom - mama bird box - gifts for pregnancy

There’s a reason we include these in one of our Mama Bird Boxes… not only are they a healthy alternative to those greasy potato chips, the Mac n’ Cheese flavor tastes just like Cheetos. That’s a guilt-free snack we can really get behind! Grab a pack here and try for yourself!

Oven Baked Sweet Potato Chips and Guacamole

guacamole - 5 healthy snacks for the pregnant mom - mama bird box - gifts for pregnancy
photo: Marcus Nilsson

We are head over heels for these baked sweet potato chips and visit here to get your guac on with this special celery spiked guacamole recipe!

Homemade Hummus and Veggies

Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Food styling by Anna Stockwell

This classic snack is so stinking easy and affordable to make at home… so why not give it a whirl? Not a chickpea fan? No problem. Here’s a lesson on making hummus with any kind of bean!

Apple and Cheese

apples and cheese homemade-hummus-5-healthy-snacks-for-the-pregnant-mom-mama-bird-box-gifts-for-pregnancy

Easy and classic. Try subbing in new fancy cheeses to find your favorite!

What’s your favorite healthy snack to keep you going throughout the day? Tell us in the comments below!