Mama Bird Box – July Box

July brought a lot of heat and Mama Bird Box brought a lot of pampering. We thought of every way we could get our mama’s to take some time for them. We collected a beautiful assortment of goodies to share.

  1. My Preserve Company – Lavender and Oats Bath Milk
    • Skin dries out so quickly in hot water, and hot, hot water isn’t good for expecting moms either. We encouraged our mamas to take cooler baths with this bath milk. It soothes itchy skin, helps heal sunburns, and the lavender calms the body.
  2. Wood River Naturals – Mom and Baby Massage Oil
    • We always encourage partners to get involved during pregnancy and giving a massage is an easy way to contribute something big. A pregnant body feels all of the aches and pains from her shoulders to her feet. Massaging her feet and joints stimulates endorphins and helps with body. And, surprise!, the same thing happens when your baby gets a massage, too.
  3. Imani Collective – Wall Hanger
    • We teamed up with Imani Collective to create this simple but beautiful wall hanger. You, dear mama, are equipped to be the best mom to your child. Every mother doubts that she is able to do this hard, refining work of motherhood, but she shouldn’t. Please read about Imani Collective and their wonderful business. I’ll guess you have at least 3 items in your cart after perusing their lovely shop.
  4. The Tea Leaf Co. – Simply Mint Tea
    • Peppermint tea never stops being beneficial. It’s a muscle relaxant, which helps you relax and sleep well. Peppermint helps soothe your stomach and helps with digestions. Plus it’s great for colds. Pure peppermint tea is a favorite of mine to serve over ice with just a little honey.
  5. Ziya Soul – Mint Clay Wash
    • Ziya Soul has created a wonderful mask that won’t weigh you down. Detox your skin (and hair) with a minty fresh wash.

Mama Bird Box – May Box

Our May Box is a well-rounded box of fun! We included a colorful notebook that’s easy to tote around for you to write down all the things that you think you’re going to remember, but you’re not. And you shouldn’t expect yourself to. Read more about the products we love introducing you to.

Purple Frog Clear Nursery Spray

Purple Frog has created safe products for the whole family. The Clear Nursery Spray is a room spray blended of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils that help clear the air after a dirty diaper. More so, it is great to use in the car or the house to relieve nausea or to give yourself a burst of energy.

Gogh Lava Stone Bracelet

Lava stone is excellent for calming emotions thanks to its grounding qualities. Formed from cooling magma, lava is thought to symbolize rebirth, and aid in releasing emotional baggage. We also love how easy a baby can be distracted by the jewelry you were. Lava is porous so this bracelet will hold essential oils for up to 8 hours.

Gypsy Soul Organics Eye Serum

We’ve enjoyed testing this light and quick-absorbing intensely nurturing eye serum. We call it Botox in a Bottle. It has safe, natural ingredients including rosehip oil, which helps improve elasticity around the eye. No matter what stage of pregnancy or motherhood you’re in, you eyes will always appreciate a pick-me-up.




Our Favorite Maternity Swimsuits for 2018

Summer is here and there is only one thing to do: get your bump to the pool. Check out our picks for our favorite maternity swimsuits.

You don’t have to choose a skin tight or belly bearing bikini to show style. We love this blouse top from Gap. The straps are removable, and the drawstring at the bottom helps the top to fit to your bump’s size.




The swimsuit we most want to come in a dress option, too. PinkBlush does maternity right. Check out all of their styles; it’s hard to choose.





Macy’s has a diverse online selection of swimsuits. This suit is going to hold your girls in, so if you have older kids who want to play at the pool or beach, you can join right in without fidgeting with your swimsuit.





Nordstrom has a lot of classic looks. We love this print, cut, and tankini style because you know pregnant mamas have to go to the bathroom…a lot.





 Target has come a long way in their swimwear department. Women united and said we need more suits for more body types and they just keep getting better and better.






Zoom in on this Seraphine Maternity print because we think it is so pretty. We love the soft colors and the interesting and flattering pattern.





Motherhood made our favorite graphic swimsuit this year. Eat Beach Sleep Repeat is our summer motto…even if we live in inland Texas.