My Pregnancy Uniform: Keila Trevino

Keila Trevino - My Pregnancy Beauty Uniform - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy

We are so pleased to introduce a new blog series… My Pregnancy Uniform will be an ongoing series featuring pregnant mama’s and the routines that make them feel beautiful and most like themselves.

For our first installment we’re so pleased to introduce you to Keila. Keila is the cofounder of Scout’s Barbershop in Nashville, Tennessee – one of the coolest spots to get your locks cut and colored (one of our teammates has been herself and can personally account for it). Keila is a first time mama, pregnant with a little girl and we are so very excited for her! Read on for her pregnancy uniform interview.

What is your daily beauty routine? What products do you use? 

I just made a switch to the Honest Beauty Products, and I j’dore them! I am using their dry skin line, with a gentle cleanse and the Hydrating Cream at night. In the morning I usually just rinse my face with water and use Honest Beauty Tinted Beauty Shield for hydration and a glowy look with SPF 30. I am typically combination/oily, but since my 2nd trimester, my face is flaking off! Dry skin like I have never experienced. But their products have been very gentle and calming and are a great price for what they are. Then I use Tarte’s BB cream and Glossier’s stretch concealer on my dark circles and the Honest Beauty Mascara and cream blush and brush my brows with Glossier’s brow gel and whatever lip balm is around and call it good. Oh, and I can’t leave the house without curling my eyelashes. If I had to do one thing, that’s it! Still on the hunt for the perfect fall colored lip crayon, that’s like Revlon’s but doesn’t have the chemicals if anyone has recommendations!

Do you have any beauty rituals you adopted since becoming pregnant?

I don’t think I have changed much with my routine. I use Burt’s Bee’s belly butter and am being more a bath person vs. the shower. But I am just more conscious of the products I am using, reading labels and subbing out anything that comes into contact with my skin with as natural as possible products. And thankfully we live in a time where those options are readily available and more affordable, even compared to two years ago, it’s awesome!

Keila Trevino - My Pregnancy Beauty Uniform - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy

What has been your go-to style during pregnancy? Describe your favorite outfit you’re wearing these days?

I finally found the perfect pregnancy jeans from the Motherhood store. They are they kind with the stretchy belly band sewn to the top that go all the way up to your bra! But those have worked the best for me. The kinds with just side panels don’t stay up if their life depended on it. So my ‘skinny’ jeans, some comfy clogs and any kind of T-shirt or button up that still fits has been working for me. Pre-pregnancy I loved to wear loose and flowy things, but now I prefer everything to be fitted and show off my belly and curvier everything 😉 And the hubs prefers it too! So I think my style will change quite a bit after the baby, but I am excited for that now!

Are there any particular food or drinks you love to keep you feel good and glowing?

I start with Good Belly juice in the morning for some probiotics that are much yummier than taking another pill. I can’t live without Noosa yogurt! Pumpkin right now is my favorite, DUH. And in the evening, I drink a powdered solution called Calm that is a blend of calcium and magnesium that helps me relax before bed and sleep really deeply. It also helps me keep my restless legs at night calmer and helps me stay regular, which is such a gift when you are pregnant! And my bad habit is anything fruity. Starbursts, gummies, Mike and Ike’s. I can’t get enough of fruity candy, which is not usually my bag. And let’s be real, if it’s a carb, I am gonna eat all of it right now. All the breads, all the cookies, all the pasta, all the time.

What’s your favorite haircare product to use at this time?

Hands down, Verb’s Dry Shampoo and Ghost Oil. Since my skin is drier, my scalp is drier, so the Ghost oil gives it a nice shine and helps with frizzies while not being heavy. And with the dry shampoo, I can go a week without washing my hair now, so I am loving that.

Keila Trevino - My Pregnancy Beauty Uniform - Mama Bird Box - Gifts for Pregnancy

What wisdom do you hope to pass down to your little one?

What a loaded question! I am sure I will discover this as I go, or in hindsight. But right now, I want to raise my daughter to really care about others and to be loving and kind to everyone and everything she meets. But I want her to learn how to have boundaries and have the ability to say no to things and make sure she understands what good self care looks like.

What advice would you give to other pregnant moms about feeling like themselves and enjoying this time?

In this time more than any other time in my life, I have really lived day by day. I typically am anxious about the future, especially when something is coming up that I don’t know much about or have much control of. So giving birth and being a mommy is probably the biggest thing I have faced yet when it comes to not knowing or having control! But I have been very careful to not overwhelm myself with information. I had one app, Ovia, that gives you a little information everyday and a book called The Pregnancy Countdown that goes day by day. That has been so helpful to not feel bombarded with information, especially in this day and age of instant knowledge. And I have been careful to ask advice from other moms who I really trust and respect, and not just anyone who is willing to talk about pregnancy. Everyone uses there experience as the barometer of how things should be, and that’s just not true. Every pregnancy and every women’s experience is so different, so it’s been helpful to just trust in the journey and the Creator that this is the experience that I am supposed to have, no one else. And I have learned, (and want to apologize!) that every women is a different size at a different time. So saying “you look like you are gonna pop!” when you have serval months to go, could cause a pregnant lady to murder someone, so I feel terrible, because I know I have said to women when I didn’t know better!

Thank you, Keila! Wishing you all the best as you welcome your little girl into the world!

TGIM Shorts + a Business Interview with Mama Bird Box

We were so honored when Brenda Salinas reached out to us. She was interested in producing a piece for Shopify’s TGIM Shorts that discussed marketing as a subscription box service.

Click play above to hear a little more from us as we discuss running a small business from a home office and how we decided who we’d be selling our boxes to.

Thank you, Brenda and Shopify! We were so honored to be featured!

My Personal Turmoil Over My Children’s Lovies

Stuffed animals are the cutest…I think because they are snugly and babies are snugly. Cozy, happy emotions are tied up in both the baby and the animal. My kids have stuffed animals…we call them lovies in general. Bo and Giraffe are their names, and they hold much value to our family. If you want all of my money, then steal my kids’ lovies…I will pay ransom.

I didn’t want my kids to have such strong attachments to inanimate objects, but they do. I wrestle over my own relationship with my kids’ lovies. There are benefits and there are drawbacks which leave me uncertain to how to encourage parents of new babies on this topic. Sometimes the negatives seem to outweigh the positives. Image of Lovies for Mama Bird Blog

Image for Lovie Post | Mama Bird Blog

Image for lovie post | Mama Bird Blog

The toting around, the keeping up with, the misplacing, the searching, the delayed bedtimes, the delayed leavings, the tears of a lovie left behind.

But yet, I’m the one who chose this route, and I would do it all over again. Why?

The sweetness, the cuddling, the thoughtfulness. The sleep.

My oldest, Nora, received her bunny, Bo, when she was 6 months old, the perfect age for forming an attachment. I wanted her to have something to sleep with because at the time I was working and traveling a lot. I needed Nora to know that when she had her lovie it was time to sleep whether we we were in the car, a hotel, or her grandparents’ house. It worked flawlessly. But then as soon as she could pull up, I would catch her sneaking into her room to rescue Bo from her crib. Sooner than I could blink Bo was her Beloved and her comfort and made every new place and every injury better.

We’ve had our scares and long searches for Nora’s lovie. The worst being Nora dropped him on a walk at a city park. His rescue happened after several calls to all places visited that day and a frantic jog along our trodden path that evening. At that point I wrote on Bo’s tag, “Very Special,” with my phone number.

It came off after about 3 washes.

(People keep telling me this clever idea that we should have two of each of their lovies. Here’s why I think this is flawed, at least for us. I would have had to know the day I gave them their lovies that strong attachments would be formed. One month of love shows on a lovie. It would only work if I exchanged the lovies every other day to let them get an equal amount of love and grossness on them. They know their lovies by appearance only, even before they smell and feel them. There’s no way I could have introduced a lovie clone and expected it to stay that way. Great in theory, just not for us.)

Nora at five years old does not have the attachment she did at 2; however, he was in tow on her first day of preschool; and he is still her favorite thing to snuggle if she’s sad; and he is still for bedtime.

Image of lovie for Mama Bird Blog

Wesley’s relationship with his lovie, Giraffe, is more complex. His attachment formed at about 4 months and with that Wesley became a thumb sucker. On one outing, my sister Amy sat in the back seat of the car with him and watched him twist Giraffe around and around until he found just the right leg to grip and then suck his thumb. Then he’d drop Giraffe, cry, and start the process all over again.

When Wesley was 9 month old at his well check-up, I asked the pediatrician if I should get rid of Giraffe to make Wesley stop sucking his thumb. He said no. I asked again 3 months later; he said no. I asked again 6 months later because I knew if I was going to have to make the break some day, the sooner the better. He said, “No. We aren’t going to talk about that until he’s like 5 or 6. And then we’re just going to talk about it. That’s not saying we’re going to do anything.” He assured me (and opinions may differ) that it would do more damage to him psychologically to take his lovie away than to let him suck his thumb.

I asked the dentist, just in case he was wrong. The dentist said the same thing.

So here we are at age three with Giraffe and a thumb that make the world a more manageable place. Image for Lovie Post | Mama Bird Box

Here are my pros to having a lovie:

  • Using them as puppets is magical. If my kids are antsy or cranky, then all I have to do is put on a Bo and Giraffe puppet show and I hear nothing but giggles.
  • Calming down is made simple. Water + Lovie = Calm (usually)
  • When one has wronged another, accidental or otherwise, they are taught to apologize and ask if there is anything that the wrong-doer can do, anything they can get for the one-who-was wronged. The request from the victim is most always a lovie. Now they could request something else, but it is sweet for me to observe the wrong-doer retrieve the lovie to make things right.
  • Going to sleep is just a little simpler.
  • New places have something familiar.
  • When my kids snuggle their lovies, they also usually snuggle with me.

Here are my cons to having a lovie:

  • The fear of losing them. My heart sinks any time Bo or Giraffe is misplaced, especially if it’s in a public space.
  • The restrictions to other kids that Bo and Giraffe are special. We encourage sharing, but not for the lovies. However this is occasionally difficult depending on the age of the visiting friend or the dog that we are seeing.
  • Staying asleep is a little harder. Wesley still wakes up and comes to get me if he can’t find Giraffe. Giraffe falls off the bed, usually the wall side, and no sleep will happen until he’s retrieved. This happens about twice a week.
  • Wash day is hard. Inevitably something will happen and Nora or Wesley will want/”neeeeed” their lovie, but it is soaking wet in a wash cycle. It. Never. Fails. Image for Mama Bird Box Blog Lovie Post
  • The judgment. Sometimes we moms are gracious to each other and sometimes we aren’t. And we seem to lack empathy and grace when we aren’t struggling with the same thing. I know there are parents and non-parents who think we are ridiculous for toting these stuffed animals around, for letting our child be so dependent on a lovie for comfort and sleep, for letting my kid suck his thumb.

I know there are things that can be said, but these lovies are my sanity. My kids need them, so I need them. I will pay a ransom. Name your price. My kids will just owe me in about 20 years.Bo & Giraffe, the chosen lovies | Mama Bird Blog