6 Housekeeping Tips for the New Mom

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A newborn is always a blessing. They also bring a lot responsibilities and changes to your schedule. Household work can feel overwhelming on top of new parent responsibilities, but if you have a schedule and follow some simple housekeeping rules you may find it easier than you think to cope with all the work. Here you will find 6 housekeeping tips to help you look after your home.

Create a schedule for household tasks.

If you scheduled to vacuum your home on Monday don’t do the other work you have. If you find that you don’t have time to vacuum, that’s ok! Leave it to the next Monday and allow yourself to not worry about it until then.

Store toys fast and easy by using a basket, drawer or bin. 

Teach your children to put away toys at the same time every day. Make it a game by setting a timer and making the job a race to the buzzer.

Prepare ahead of time by remembering that a newborn is going to bring responsibilities of it’s own and change you current housekeeping habits. 

As a growing family you may need to cope with a tighter budget, newborn illnesses, family issues and more. This can be stressful and you should try to enjoy the good moments you have as much as possible. Live in the now and don’t think about the opportunities you have already missed. Leave the past behind and focus on the present. This way you will enjoy the moments of motherhood in full and learn many new things from them.

Don’t set yourself housekeeping goals you can’t reach. Focus on what you can achieve.

You’re not expected to keep your whole house sparkling every day. Aim at smaller goals like having all dishes washed every evening before going to bed. Try to complete all cleaning and household tasks that you have for the day and if you don’t, that’s ok! Don’t punish yourself if you have a hard time doing all those chores that were once so easy. You are busy being a great mom.

If the schedule you follow is hard at first keep trying. 

Make changes to the schedule later, but first try to stick to it. Every task planned may not be accomplished on time but simply do what you can.  Daily efforts will pay off eventually and you may finally find the reason for not coping to do certain tasks.

Don’t compare yourself with other moms, blogs or magazines. 

Be proud of your new motherhood. You are irreplaceable to your family. Being a new mom is stressful and full of new responsibilities. Don’t compare yourself to others on Instagram or magazines. You are a great mom!

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