Under the Tree: Boxes Packed Perfect for Mama’s Christmas Gift

If you’re like me, wrapping Christmas gifts to place under the tree is one of the best parts of the season. Every year I look forward to picking out my wrapping paper. I like to be creative with wrapping, too. One year I wrapped boxes in old state maps and another year we used empty cigar boxes from a local cigar store. One of our top questions here at Mama Bird Box is, “How can I gift a pregnancy subscription but have it sent to me to wrap and place under the tree?” Here’s our best process (a super easy, 2-step guide) to get the first Mama Bird Box to you to be wrapped with your other Christmas gifts.

If you would like the first box sent to you so it can go under your tree begin here at “Subscribe for Yourself.” Put in your information for the first box. Then send us an email at [email protected] or in our chat box on the website. Let us know that you want to gift your pregnancy subscription as a Christmas gift. We’ll do what we need to do to get the box to you in time.

If you want to send the box straight to the mama-to-be but still as a Christmas surprise, then you also need to order through the Subscribe for Yourself page. Put in the pregnant mom’s address and email us a message that you would like to have include in the box so she knows it’s from you.

After your box is gifted, follow up with us to change the shipping address to the mama-to-be’s address. Also let us know if you want to keep on giving Christmas cheer. When you purchase in the “Subscribe” page, subscriptions auto-renew. We don’t want you to be surprised by that. Let us know if you need to cancel the auto-renew or if you want it to keep going.

Contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help make your mama-to-be feel cared for during the holidays and all the time in between. Merry Christmas!




Giving Birth: What to Pack for the Hospital

picture of what to pack for the delivery room - mama bird box blog

Getting ready for baby’s arrival? We’ve been asked a few times what items we recommend you don’t forget when packing your bag for the hospital. We recommend packing your bag early so it’s ready to go when baby is! Scroll on down to see what we suggest…

Slipper and/or socks

hospital rooms are cold so make sure to bring some items to keep you cozy!

Lounge wear

Some items good for sleeping and cute for pictures. Bring a robe if you want to walk the hospital halls.


If you need ’em. Don’t forget a contact case and solution if you’re a contact lens wearer.

Baby things

You don’t need much because the hospital will provide you with diapers for while you’re there, but these are picture worthy days, so throw in a couple of newborn outfits, a hat, and a swaddling blanket. Plus a coming-home outfit!

Nipple Cream

Babies nurse non-stop when they are first born. When they do, they are getting the “liquid gold” colostrum but it makes you raw, essentially your nipples are getting chaffed. It’s necessary to soothe the skin before and after nursing. Don’t worry; it gets better.

Reading Material

Grab your favorite book or a few magazines for when you’re hanging out in the hospital antcy for something to do.

Things for your partner

Toothbrush, change of clothes, and some money for the vending machines.


The real kind!

What’s in your hospital bag that you couldn’t live without?

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Save Big on Safe Skincare with Mama Bird Box!

beauty counter by noelle - Mama bird box - safe skincare - gifts for pregnant momWe know what it’s like to hunt and hunt for safe skincare products – especially products that are also safe for baby. That’s why we’re pleased to partner with BeautyCounter to offer safe skincare samples in select Mama Bird Boxes. Keep an eye out for these goodies in your box over the next month.

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